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Ǵ: Sold gZi Beads
Թີ "As You Wish" gZi Bead R048
26-10-2007 Views: 9094

١Ѵ µТö R048--SOLD

Approx. Size: 32*13 m.m.(bead), 16 cms(bracelet).

Estd. Age: 50+ yrs.

Description: Made from carnelian, both the gZi and other beads. Click on thumbnails to view the bead details.

Ǵ: Sold gZi Beads
Թີ "As You Wish" gZi Bead R048
Թີ 7 Eyed gZi Bead R046
Թີ 21 Eyed gZi Bead R041
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١ѴԹີ  9  RA000
Թີ ¿-Թ- S012
Թີ  7  R032
Թີ  3   R017
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Թີ  3  M008
Թີ  9  R030
Թີ  5 Ѫ R028
Թີ µТ M007
Թີ  3 (3 Eyed gZi) R015
Թີ ¡дͧ S011
Թີ ¤ S009
Թີ µТ⪤Ѿ+Cinnabar R026
١ѴԹີ 3 Eyed gZi Bead RA004
Թີ µТҳ⪤Ѿ RA000
Թີ Ѫ RA000
Թີ  5  RA000
Թີ  9 ¿ RA000
Թີ (Ruyi)/ѧ R025
١ѴԹີ 3 Eyed gZi Bead RA002
١ѴԹີ  1  9  RA001
Թີ  6  L007
Թີ  2  R018
١ѴԹີ  3  L003
Թີ  21  R010
١ѴԹີ ¤ մ-
Թີ µТ⪤Ѿ M006
Թີ »е觿дԹ S004
ءѴԹີ S003
١ѴԹີ  3  S002
ءѴԹີ  3  R006
١ѴԹີ µТ+
Թີ  9  Cinnabar R004
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