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Ǵ: ѧ١Ѵҡ (Rare gZi)
١ѴԹີ 2 Eyed Nectar gZi RA019
28-05-2012 Views: 11546

١Ѵ 2 ҹĵ RA019

Approx. Size: 53*16 m.m.

Estd. Age: 1000+ yrs. (500 BCE - 500 CE)

Description: Semi-translucent, filled with weathering marks and natural waxy patina. Click on thumbnails to view the bead details.

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Ǵ: ѧ١Ѵҡ (Rare gZi)
١ѴԹີ 2 Eyed Nectar gZi RA019
١ѴԹີ 7 Eyed gZi Bead RA018--Sold
١ѴԹີ 6 Eyed Tortoise-shell Gzi RA017
١ѴԹີ 5 Eyed gZi Bead RA016
١ѴԹີ 5 Eyed Dorje gZi Bead RA015
١ѴԹີ Tortoise-shell Chung gZi RA014
١ѴԹີ 5 Eyed gZi Bead RA013
١Ѵҳ Waved Chung gZi  RA012
١Ѵҳ 3 (Natural) Eyed gZi RA011
١ѴԹີ 9 Eyed gZi with Cinnabar  RA010
١ѴԹີ 2 Eyed gZi Bead RA009
١Ѵҳ 1 (Natural) Eyed gZi  RA007
١ѴԹີ 6 (Dragon) Eyed gZi RA006
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